Tomoko Namba


Tomoko Namba is CEO of DeNA, one of the largest and most profitable mobile and social gaming companies in the world with presence in Japan, China and the United States.

Namba, a former McKinsey Partner, founded DeNA in 1999 and entered the mobile market with Mobaoku which became the No.1 mobile auction site in Japan. Under Namba’s leadership, DeNA has thrived through the culmination of various dynamic business models, ultimately seen in the success of Mobage-town, the world’s fastest growing mobile social network service. In the past decade, Namba become the most successful female executive in the global gaming industry.

Mobage-town generates $500M annual revenue with 60%-70% profit margin through avatar related sales, tie-up ads, banners, and game item billing, achieving an impressive 70% penetration rate among high teens. Its ad clients include major brands like Coca-Cola, Seven-Eleven, and Uniqulo. Through its portfolio of over 200 games, Mobage-town has made key partnerships Square Enix, Hudson and Taito. With Namba at the helm, DeNA has seen an 81% increase in fourth quarter revenue from last year with a 2009 fiscal revenue of $517m. DeNA has set up wholly owned subsidiaries in the US and China, launching four gaming titles in Apple's Itunes App Store.

Namba has also been involved in a number of national government efforts, such as the Prime Ministers' Council for the Promotion of Regulatory Reform. She has also worked with the IT Strategy Headquarters. Namba holds an MBA from Harvard.

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