Henri Seydoux

Founder & CEO

Within the space of just a few years, Parrot has gone from a small French start-up to the world leader in hands-free car systems with the most extensive range on the market. Its products win the most exclusive awards in terms of design and technology.

Self-taught, unconventional, rebellious, self-made entrepreneur… the father of the wireless hands-free car kit has always refused to take his driving test. He has a flair for innovation. He draws all his products on his own and personally supervises the 150 engineers working in his R&D centre.

Henri Seydoux's distinguishing features are his flair for innovation and true entrepreneurial philosophy. He started his career in 1978 as a journalist for Journal Actuel. It was during an inspirational interview with Roland Moreno, the inventor of the smart card, that Henri Seydoux found his calling. He had only just turned 19. He gave up journalism and decided to strike out on his own. The young Seydoux tinkered with accounting software before creating his first business, specializing in 3D imaging (called BUF - the company today is the leader in computer-generated graphics).

In 1997, Henri Seydoux devised the first electronic organizer with built-in voice recognition specifically designed for the partially sighted - the Parrot+. It was a technological success, but a commercial failure, despite the support of Stevie Wonder - the first customer of the Parrot+. Henri Seydoux was not one to admit defeat.

A true visionary, he quickly realized that mobile phones would become a key part of everyday life, including inside cars. In 1994, Henri Seydoux founded Parrot with one idea in mind: "Put a phone in every car".

Parrot launched the first wired hands-free kit for cars in 1998 and the first wireless Bluetooth® hands-free kit in 2001. The commercial success story had begun and quickly spread to the international market.

But Henri Seydoux is not about to stop there. Drawing strength from the success of his hands-free kits and calling on his expertise in wireless technology, he is developing a range of wireless photo frames and hi-fi speakers (via the Bluetooth technology). Mobile phones are turning into both cameras and music players, so what could be more natural than creating devices to release the photos and tracks stored on phones without needing to plug in any wires?

Parrot's multimedia products also bear testament to their creator's daring streak. With the wireless MMS frame, you can send photos from your phone to a digital photo frame anywhere around the world. With the 100% portable wireless speaker, you can listen to your music anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Wireless headsets for scooters and motorbikes…

In 2008, Henri Seydoux decided to turn the multimedia range into a high-end collection, built in partnership with big names of design: Andrée Putman, Martin Szekely, and Philippe Starck. Parrot by collection was born.

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