Miyowa is the first company to develop and deploy an innovative "Social Dashboard" that integrates with a "Rich Address Book. Our product, called InTouch5™, is a mobile platform that unifies social networks and combines them with all forms of messaging, presence, and filtered alerts. InTouch5™ has been in development since our inception in 2003 and is now enjoyed by a rapidly growing customer base spread throughout the world and across 30 mobile carriers. We have a culture of focusing on a rich end user experience and innovative, industry relevant technology. Our unique, patented technology is the reason that we have customers and partnerships spanning the full spectrum of the industry: carriers, portals, networks, social networking companies, handset manufacturers, and of course, loyal users. InTouch5 is an extensible, open platform that: * Integrates IM, messaging, mail, address book, and social networking applications * Allows for easy deployment and delivery of new applications * Works on any handset, portal, carrier, or network * Enables a network-efficient capability to provide alerts Miyowa unifies the mobile social networking experience with a thought-leading approach that combines our rich Address Book with presence, and integrates IM, Mail, SMS, and multiple applications. This innovative combination of Address Book and presence is a key driver in bringing our user experience in line with our vision of ultimately letting users carry all their friends in their pocket all the time-true, mobile, social communities. Our corporation has a global footprint with primary offices in Silicon Valley and France, plus sales offices throughout Europe and Asia. We have an 80 person team, strong venture backing, a deep customer base, and vibrant group of industry partners.

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